Thursday, June 23, 2011

Movie Review: Snow White and the Three Stooges

Pretty much everyone in the U.S. is aware of the Three Stooges—they're the three buffoons who like to poke each other in the eyes. Since I'd never seen more than short clips of their performances, I decided to try one of their full-length features. After watching it and doing a little research, I now realize that I picked what was probably their least comedic film. Sure there is some comedy, but it functions as icing rather than cake. The movie is generally dramatic, though with a merry tone.

I suspect that the casting of Carol Heiss as Snow White was based on her ability to ice skate, not her ability to sing or act.[1] And Prince Charming was cast based on his ability to perform ventriloquism, not sing or act. For being billed in the title, the Three Stooges spent surprisingly little time on screen. I suspect that the many ice rinks got more screen time than they did. Perhaps audiences were more accepting of on-screen ice skating when the film was made, but I quickly grew tired of them. The few plot twists that there were were not  hard to guess, but that didn't bother me. On a fun note, the door to Bilbo Baggins' house makes an appearance, as does Kim Bauer's cougar.[2] Despite my disappointments with the lack of performance from the Three Stooges and the overlong ice skating scenes, this movie was okay. And it's clean enough that you can feel comfortable letting children watch it.


[1] In fact, she was an Olympic Gold Medalist in ice skating. See Heiss.

[2] This statement is actually anachronistic, lest you think I was being serious.

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