Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Television Review: Bones, Season 6.5

I think many (and with good reason) are disturbed by the often graphic images of bodies which show evidence of violence and/or decay. Though reality is rarely as fantastic as the plotlines of Bones, it is saddening to know that such acts really do occur in our world, and frequently.[1] I'm not always sure that the fact that the main characters are bringing the guilty to justice mitigates the gruesome things they depict on-screen.

My verdict: Bones is still going strong.[2] In fact, it's ratings continue to improve, unlike most television shows. We continue to see trends in the personalities of Booth and Bones that I predicted in my previous review.[3][4] This is particularly evident in the penultimate episode, "The Hole in the Heart", and in the aptly-named finale, "The Game Changer". It remains to be seen, however, whether the creative team will stick to this trajectory or try to create drama by tearing apart what they've spent so long developing. Sadly, I'm inclined to believe that the latter scenario is the more likely.[5] On a side note, we finally realized this season that Bones' father is played by Ryan O'Neal, of Love Story and What's Up Doc? fame.


[1] Perhaps as a way to acknowledge a counterpoint to the horror they so often depict, the episode "The Signs in the Silence" allows the characters to do something very good and humane. It was probably my favorite episode of the season.

[2] The nineteenth episode actually introduced a spin-off series, entitled The Finder, which was picked up for the 2011–2012 season (see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bones (TV series)#Spin-off series). I'm feeling kind of meh about whether or not I'll watch any more of that series. I'll probably defer to Leann on that one.

[3] See my post The Boothification of Bones and the Bonesification of Booth.

[4] More so than in the past, it strikes me that Booth is kind of childish. Perhaps that enthusiasm and immaturity contrasts with Bones' general lack of emotion and hyper-maturity.

[5] My reasons for believing this derive from similar situations that have already occurred (Angela's and Hodgins' breakup) or are currently occurring (the odd on-again, off-again relationship between Sweets and Daisy).

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