Monday, June 20, 2011

Father's Day Weekend

I was recently asked to teach a class in my department. In order to have time to prepare the lectures and labs, I haven't been taking a lot of person time over the last few days. But I did take a little time off here and there. One of those little breaks was for Father's Day, and this is my first as a real father.[1]

Saturday morning we went to the Oquirrh Mountain temple.[2] The interior is quite similar to that of the Draper temple, which was built around the same time.

One of Leann's teachers from BYU, Dr. Loreen Allphin, performed with a country music band on the side. Saturday evening they performed outside the Deerhunter Pub in Spanish Fork.[2] I'm personally not a fan of country music, but Leann wanted to go see Dr. Allphin perform, thus I tagged along so she wouldn't feel lonely. I brought along the laptop so that I could work on my course. Perhaps that was impolite, but it's really hard to know what's in poor taste when it comes to the country music crowd. They're a little hard to pick out, but the band is in the tiki hut.

This old beater was "parked" near the pub. I thought it a fitting testament to the two products being peddled (alcohol and country music).

On Sunday morning Leann gave me my Father's Day present: LEGO: Pirates of the Caribbean.[3]

After Church, we headed up to my parents' house for dinner (spaghetti). My mom's lupins were in full bloom, so I snapped some pictures. Then we went over to my grandparents' house for cake and ice cream. My sister, Melissa, pooled our resources and bought a canopy for my dad, which she ended up giving to him after Leann and I had to leave. On the way home there was a spectacular sunset over the Great Salt Lake, but I was in a hurry to get home so I could continue working on my course, so I didn't stop to photograph it.


[1] See my post It's a Girl!

[2] For those who are unsure why Latter-day Saints (Mormons) sometimes worship in temples, I recommend you visit here and here, where you can learn more about LDS beliefs concerning temples. If you have more questions, ask and maybe I'll do a full post on the topic(s).

[3] It was seriously in the middle of nowhere.

[4] It may be a while before I review this one since I still haven't started playing Portal 2.

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