Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Movie Review: Megamind

Olo, dear readers. The initial premise of DreamWorks' Megamind (a supervillain forced to become a superhero) is surprisingly similar to that of Universal Pictures' Despicable Me.[1] The similarities don't end there—both were released in 2010, both featured a member of the Frat Pack voicing the title character, the title character talks funny, the motive for the ideological reversal is comparable, both feature final battles in the sky, etc. You almost have to wonder if one company has a corporate spy inside the other.

My verdict: This was a fun movie and I really enjoyed the clever usage of Megamind's various gimmicks. My only complaint about this movie was that it (again, like Despicable Me) trivializes evil.  These are supervillains, after all. However, there is the mitigating fact that Megamind and Gru (from Despicable Me) are more interested in the difficulty of a task rather than the savagery of it. In fact, Megamind takes the next step and introduces a new villain who is savage and who is despicable.


[1] For my review of Despicable Me, see here.

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