Friday, March 25, 2011

The Woes of Packaging, Part II

That's right. The long-awaited sequel to my complaints about poor packaging design.[1] I know that the companies that provide the products I'm pointing my fingers out won't likely stumble across my rants and change their erring ways. But there's a certain cathartic satisfaction to be had in airing my grievances.

Let's start with that foil wrapper that cream cheese comes in. It sticks to the cream cheese, which goes on to make a mess. So if you're not using the whole block, chances are that at some point you will end up with cream cheese all over the handle of your knife, all over your fingers, and (when you weren't looking) all over your shirt.

How about plastic packaging that says "Tear Here" but isn't actually perforated so that you can tear it? What's the point of that?! Even when they are perforated, half the time you start tearing it and the tear leaves the perforations and heads down to the ziploc. Now you have nothing to pull on to open the ziploc. Just wonderful.

A similar (poor) design is to be found on bacon boxes. The 'easy open tear strip' pretends that those perforations will make it a breeze to open. Wrong! The cardboard will tear everywhere except on the perforations. But the real gem is the vacuum wrap. They don't even bother providing a way for you to open it. You're just going to have to bust out the scissors. Now the next time you use those scissors to cut wrapping paper for a birthday present, you're going to leave little blobs of raw bacon fat all over it. Just what they wanted.


[1] For previous rants about poor packaging, see here.

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