Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Movie Review: Sky High

In the world of Sky High, superheroes comprise a thriving, but clandestine subculture. One aspect of this culture is that side-kicks are second-class citizens. The plot follows the growing pains of Will Stronghold, the son of The Commander and Jetstream, the two most popular and accomplished superheroes in the world.

My verdict: The plot is superficially similar to Mystery Men, but handled much more tastefully.[1] It seems like Will will make all the stereotypical mistakes of someone with new-found popularity. But in actuality, he generally tries to be true to his friends and his principles. When he does trip up, it's in ways that are believable and understandable. When he realizes that he's made a mistake, he's fearless about acknowledging it and working to correct it. I really liked that.


[1] i.e. all of the sidekicks' quirky powers eventually come into play.

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