Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Movie Review: The Librarian 3: Curse of the Judas Chalice

I'm almost certain that The Librarian series, produced by the cable channel, TNT, is a ripoff of Indiana Jones.[1] The library is a safehold for powerful artifacts; the Librarian is in charge of collecting them and protecting them. In the first film (Quest for the Spear) the Librarian, Carsen, must retrieve a fragment of the Spear of Destiny [2] which has been stolen from the Library. In the second film (Return to King Solomon's Mines), the Librarian works to prevent (evil men) from acquiring the grimoire of King Solomon. This installment, like the previous one, was directed by Jonathan Frakes.[3] This time the Librarian's vacation is interrupted by a search for the Judas Chalice—an anti-Holy Grail formed from the 30 pieces of silver Judas Iscariot was paid for betraying Christ.

My verdict: The Librarian comes across as much cheesier than its forefather, Indiana Jones (which is, itself, a bit cheesy). However, the writers seem to go to greater lengths to include obscure historical trivia.[4] The profanity is kept to a minimum, sexual content is only implied, and the violence is cartoonish rather than gory. I think these movies are kind of fun, so as long as you can overlook the lower production value, I'd recommend them.


[1] In fact, they go so far as to feature the Ark of the Covenant as one of the artifacts kept inside the Library. And in the prologue of this movie the Librarian retrieves a crystal skull from southern Utah.

[2] i.e. the spear used to pierce Christ's side while he was on the cross.

[3] If you're not sure who that is, think Commander William T. Riker a.k.a. 'Number One'.

[4] The Librarian often spurts out of streams of historical information, often to the chagrin of his companions.

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