Saturday, March 19, 2011

Video Game Review: LEGO Indiana Jones 2: The Adventure Continues

Rather than feature a main hub for all the levels, this LEGO installment has six smaller hubs, three for The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull and one each for the previous three movies. Each hub features five levels, five replay levels [1], and five bonus levels. You recover treasure chests during the replay and bonus levels. Once you have all ten, you unlock a super bonus level. Of the five regular levels, for each hub, one was always a driving level where you have to go around and destroy enemy vehicles (usually by crashing into them). Another was always a brawl level—once you've beat up enough enemies, the level is over.[2]

My verdict: This was my least favorite LEGO game, with the exception of LEGO Batman. Don't get me wrong, though. I love all of these games and recommend them to anyone. But when comparing them, it's definitely the little brother. A few notes/complaints:
  • If you do something to trigger an animation and you haven't picked up all of your coin studs, go ahead and say adios to them. They fixed this in LEGO Harry Potter [3], but apparently they've regressed.
  • Some areas have objects on the bottom of the screen that obscure your view. Be sure to check there for hidden blue studs.
  • The vehicles are a bit too sensitive, so you'll find yourself constantly skidding around. Sometimes this means you run off the road and get stuck. Other times it means you drive around in circles, unable to pick up your studs.
  • AI characters follow you when you want them to stay put and stay put when you want them to follow you. They also like to stay obnoxiously close at inopportune moments (e.g. you run over them  in your vehicle or fight them because they're too close).


[1] By replay levels I mean that you play a level that is similar to one of the five original levels from that hub, but with different puzzles and a different objective. At this point I'll mention that while other LEGO-themed games require to you replay levels once you've acquired the necessary characters or abilities, this one just lets you go back during 'quick play'. Not as fun.

[2] I didn't really care for these levels; if I wanted a fighting game I would've bought Soulcalibur IV.

[3] For my review of that game, see here.

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