Monday, October 3, 2011

Television Review: EUReKA, Season 3

There are two major story arcs in Season 3 of EUReKA. One involves the arrival of a corporate fixer, named Eva Thorne, to oversee things at Global Dynamics (the fictional company where all the scientists in he fictional town of Eureka, Oregon work). She's reputedly fixed more Fortune 500 companies than anyone else living and she's bent on streamlining the company (though there's no evidence ever given that this has any positive effect). The other involves the arrival of Sheriff Carter's pregnant sister, Lexi. A few other smaller developments include Tess (a new love interest for Jack [1]), Andy (a robotic sheriff [2]), the death of a major character, the pregnancy of another major character (besides Lexi), the approach of a ship transmitting a mysterious signal to Earth.

My verdict: Despite how obnoxious Eva Thorne was as a character, her story arc wrapped up quite nicely. My complaints (which are minor) are the same ones I've had about past seasons [3], namely that sometimes the technobabble makes no sense at all and it's a little silly that it's always Sheriff Carter who spots the solution—even though he was usually introduced to the technology that provides that solution half an hour ago and just about everyone else has known about it all along. There was one clip show episode [4], which I always find annoying.


[1] Tess's slight lisp made it hard to take her seriously as a top-notch scientist.

[2] Named after Andy Griffith, sheriff of Newberry. Andy (the robot sheriff) is played by two different actors. I liked the first better, but they're both pretty good and I'm rather fond of this character.

[3] You can read those reviews here and here.

[4] That would be Episode 16, "You Don't Know Jack". If you don't know what a clip show is, see show.

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