Thursday, April 26, 2012

Television Review: White Collar, Season 3

As we enter Season 3 of White Collar [1], we find Neal more deeply immersed in his previous lifestyle of crime than he's ever been since his work release with the FBI began. The more he convinced he becomes that he wants to go straight, the more he backslides into his old life—whether he means to or not. But this time he's also corrupting an innocent: his girlfriend Sara. The relationship between Neal and Sara was unbelievable from the beginning. Even more surprising, in this season, is how often he gets her involved in his cons. And how easily he wins her back after they have a falling out over his moral turpitude.

They have successfully transitioned away from the mystery of Kate to having Neal working an angle behind Peter's back and trying desperately not to get caught. His moral dilemma is both believable and satisfying in the way it develops. Given the season's cliffhanger, it's hard to believe that there will be redemption for Neal—at least not in a way that will be both satisfying and plausible. Mozzie is still my favorite character.


[1] See my reviews of the first two seasons here and here.

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