Friday, April 20, 2012

Standing Up

Now that Lilli's hands-down favorite thing to do is to walk [1], Leann and I have been beset with a whole new assortment of ailments: sore backs (from being hunched over all the time), sore knees (because when you walk on your knees you don't have to hunch over), phalangeal sprains, finger sores…okay, maybe I'm starting to exaggerate. But seriously, that's about all she ever wants to do. Sometimes when I'm tired of walking her around, I prop her up against something—the couch, her toy box, etc.—and hope that she'll be happy just standing there for a while. She usually is, thankfully.

Here she is standing up without help (but with supervision). She's holding onto a Safco wire cube that we keep her toys in.[2] The alarming thing about this time is that she somehow wrapped a shoelace around her toy dog's throat and then tossed him out of the toy box, effectively hanging him! Yikes!


[1] See my post Walking (With Help).

[2] I used a set of these as shelves before Leann and I got married. I think they're versatile and useful. Leann hates them. They're not very stylish. But using one of the cubes was cheaper than buying a new bin or basket for Lilli's toys.

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  1. The dog should have known better. Now he sleeps with the Barbies...