Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Conference Weekend Walk

A little over a week ago, between sessions of General Conference [1], Leann, Lillian, and I went on a walk. Lilli and Leann are quite relieved that (with the exception of a rogue snowstorm here and there) the weather is warm enough to allow daily walks. Now we don't have to worry about Lilli getting cold, we have to worry about her getting a sunburn! We put sunscreen and a hat on her, but she doesn't usually tolerate the hat for very long. She also has trouble sitting still while we walk around. She likes to lean forward and watch the ground going by under the stroller. Here are some of the highlights from our walk.[2]

These are the large apartment complexes being built where the old Joaquin Elementary School, near The Colony Apartments, used to be. They're going to be large enough to house thousands of students and necessitated the installment of a larger sewer pipe on 500 N, which is why you can see new asphalt on one side of the road.

This is another shot to show that there is a second set of apartment complexes behind the first set.

Some daffodils that we saw along the way. Leann likes the white daffodils with the tiny red-and-yellow trumpets. I think all daffodils are interesting.

We have no idea what this flower is. It's kind of weird-looking.

If you're a long-time reader, this bush may tickle your memory. I've photographed a similar bush before.[3] The interesting thing is that all the yellow is flowers, not leaves.


[1] General Conference consists of five two-hour sessions that are spread out over Saturday and Sunday. It is a time when the prophets and apostles called by God to govern the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints come together in a conference center in Salt Lake City, Utah, to give guidance and instruction to the members of the Church. All are invited to hear their words. You can, too, if you so desire, by visiting this website.

[2] Other walks here and here.

[3] See here (scroll down).


  1. Big intense buildings, and they need to house thousands as the housing area shrunk (S.C.A.M.P.). How will it affect traffic? And parking in the area? Or did they go with the whole "students don't need cars" thing?

    Could the weird flower be a Red Hot Poker?

  2. I believe there are huge parking garages under the buildings.

    The weird flower is not a Red Hot Poker, but those are pretty cool flowers.

  3. The weird flower is called a crown imperial.

  4. Thanks, Mom! I guess the flowers hadn't opened up, yet, which was why it looked weird to us.