Friday, April 6, 2012


I've previously mentioned Lillian blowing raspberries.[1] Now, she's started spitting. The differences are subtle. Blowing a raspberry involves sticking the tongue out so that it fills the O of your mouth and then blowing air under the tongue and out, causing the tongue to vibrate back and forth against your lower lip, giving a characteristic sound. Spitting, at least as well as Lillian can do it right now, involves expelling saliva (along with some air) out of her compressed lips. The accompanying sound is similar to a blown raspberry, but is distinct. And that's probably more than you ever wanted to know about either behavior. So, let's get on to the videos.

In the second video [2] you are also treated to her fake coughing (though it may have started out with a real cough.


[1] See my post Raspberries.

[2] Leann was astonished that I got her to play in the laundry basked since every time she (Leann) puts her (Lillian) in the laundry basket, she cries.

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  1. Matt, she's a doll! Yes, that is more than we ever wanted to know about raspberries vs. spitting. Yet I take strange comfort in knowing someone has gone to the effort of cataloging the differences. Go figure.