Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Music Review: Independence Day

If you asked me to hum the theme to Independence Day, I probably couldn't do it. So I didn't expect the soundtrack to be that eventful. But when I started listening to it, I immediately remembered several of the motifs. In fact, several of the guys in my lab recognized it, too, before I told them what it was.[1]

My verdict: Sometimes the music is ominous, other times rousing. And in few places it's even sappy and triumphant. Some of the tension-building pieces (e.g. "Fire Storm") are reminiscent of "The Last Battle" from the score to Star Wars IV: A New Hope (i.e. just as the Death Star is about to explode). This is definitely a soundtrack worth owning.


[1] Only one of them guessed it correctly, though.

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