Monday, May 2, 2011

Out of the Old, and Into the New

On Saturday, in anticipation of needing another bedroom [1], we moved into a new (and larger) apartment. My parents, my little brother [2], and two of my brothers-in-law came down to help.[3] We started around 9 am and had essentially everything moved by noon. While my Dad stayed to till a patch of ground for our new garden and while my brother and brother, Nathan, and my brother-in-law, Luke [4], went back to the old apartment to help with cleaning, I swung by The Brick Oven and picked up some eats for us all.

First, I'll start you out with some pics of our old place:

The bedroom.

The kitchen.

The living room (from two different angles).

The bathroom.

The patio in the back.[5]

The front of the apartment complex.

And now some pics of the new place. (Hopefully I don't get in trouble for posting these before we're all unpacked and it's 100% cute.)

The (unadorned) bedroom.

The baby's room. (Right now it's a staging area for unpacking.)

The kitchen.

The living room (from two different angles). Eventually the table will go back under the chandelier.

The bathroom.

The front of the apartment complex. I created a panorama using Hugin [6] so that you could see BYU campus (the SWKT building) and Mount Timpanogos at the end of the street.

We've already noticed a few quirks about the new place: the master bedroom window rattles when you walk by, the fridge is sometimes quite loud, the faucets in the bathroom are backwards (i.e. right is hot and left is cold), you have to jiggle the faucet in the kitchen to get it to shut off all the way, the bottom of the tub is deeper than the floor of the bathroom (so it's kind of like climbing the stairs in the dark), there's a weird hook on the frame of the master bedroom door, etc.

Anyway, thanks to everyone who helped us move!


[1] See my post It's a Girl!

[2] He also hosts a blog, which can be read here.

[3] And earlier in the week one of Leann's friends came and helped us pre-clean the apartment. I confess that I thought this was a pointless exercise until I had to scrub dog urine off one of the baseboards.

[4] He was sealed to my sister Camille last week. You can read a little about it here.

[5] There was actually a big puddle on the patio, but I was able to remove it using the GIMP. I can't even tell where it used to be. Pretty impressive.

[6] Creating panoramas using Hugin is very easy. To learn how to do so, see here.

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