Tuesday, July 7, 2020

The Invisible Mazes of Chagunitzu and Paganitzu

In the early 1990s my parents bought their a PC running MS-DOS. Over time we played several different games on that and subsequent PCs, including Monuments of Mars, Pharaoh's Tomb, Jumpman Lives!, Crystal Caves, and Paganitzu. These were all shareware games from Apogee, so we only had the first part of each one. Later, I got the chance to play all three levels of Paganitzu [1], as well as Chagunitzu [2], the first outing of protagonist Alabama Smith. Both of these games have rooms that feature invisible mazes. You know me: I drew maps![3]

Room 7 of Chagunitzu is a straight-up invisible maze. You start (S) on the right side of the map. You have to wander around until you've collected the blue gems and then the exit (E) appears. You find your way to the exit and leave.

Room 20 of Chagunitzu is also an invisible maze, except that there are also perils. There are machines (indicated by the blue crosshairs) that shoot deadly darts at you. There is also a collapsible wall (indicated by the light gray square) that you have to knock down to be able to access the passageway behind it.

Area 8 of Paganitzu, Part III: Jewel of the Yucatan is the final invisible maze. Alabama Smith even does a shout out to the original invisible mazes in Chagunitzu.

Finally, area 5 of Pagantizu, Part III: Jewel of the Yucatan has a puzzle. The room is filled with demons. Each demon holds a bauble that is decorated with a triangle. You may enter the space occupied by a demon unless you are coming from the opposite direction indicated by the triangle. For example, if a demon has a left-pointing triangle (◀), you can occupy that space by coming from above, below, or the right. You cannot occupy that space if you are coming from the left. One more thing. In the bottom, left corner is a demon holding a blue bauble. If you collect the blue bauble, you can use it to change the direction of one triangle bauble. You have to be careful to save the blue bauble, because you'll need it to occupy the spaces right next to the exit (E). Even though it's not an invisible maze, I've drawn a map to help you traverse this room, too. There are other solutions, but this one is guaranteed to work.


[1] You can play Paganitzu, Part I: Romancing the Rose online here. You can play Paganitzu, Part II: Quest for the Silver Dagger online, here. You can play Paganitzu, Part III: The Jewel of the Yucatan here. (I do not guarantee that these links will always work.)

[2] You can download Chagunitzu here. (I do not guarantee that this link will always work.) You will also need to download and install DOSBox (here). Once you've done that, use your mouse to drag CHAG.EXE over DOSBox.exe and let go. This will load Chagunitzu. To slow the game down, press Ctrl + F11 repeatedly until you reach the desired speed. To speed the game up, press Ctrl + F12 repeatedly until you reach the desired speed.

[3] I have also drawn maps for Castle Adventure (see here), LEGO: Harry Potter, Years 1–4 (see here), and LEGO: Harry Potter, Years 5–7 (see here).

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