Thursday, February 2, 2012

Reading Books

Pretty much as soon as she would stay awake for any significant amount of time, we've been reading to Lillian. She rather likes it—especially when I translate the book into Spanish for her. (I imagine this is because it sounds quite different from the English phonemes we usually shower her with.) A few weeks ago she started helping us turn the pages of the book while we read to her. In fact, now that seems to be her favorite part.

Here you can see her zip right through one of her books. I had a harder time getting the next page ready than she did actually turning it.

When I'm carrying her around the house, sometimes she reaches out for books on the bookshelves. Her favorites are Peter and the Starcatchers [1] (right) and a collection of stories by H. P. Lovecraft (left). Peter and the Starcatchers has gold lettering, which I imagine attracts her attention. And the Lovecraft book is bigger than the other books around it. But wouldn't it be funny if she already knew who Cthulhu was?


[1] Read my review here.

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