Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Too Little

We've recently started putting Lillian in her walker, which was given to us by my sister Rachel (who herself got it, I believe, from a sister-in-law). We've been told that putting a baby in a walker before they can sit up on their own delays that ability. So, now that Lillian can sit up by herself [1], we gave it a go. But since she's small for her age, her feet don't reach the floor (which is a suggestion from the manufacturer). So we have to put a book under her. Leann chose her old Biological Science textbook.

I wanted to get a shot of Lilli standing on the book, so I took a long recording and zoomed in several times, intending to trim the video down and just showcase my favorite shot. But there were two that I just had to post. Since they were one after the other, I decided not to split them apart. So you just get one long video with two examinations of her feet standing on the textbook.


[1] See my post Sitting Up and Standing Up.

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