Friday, February 17, 2012

Up on All Fours (Sort of)

Lillian hasn't started crawling, yet, but she's starting to show signs that it's just around the corner. When she's lying on her stomach she'll go up on her knees (sort of) and then drop back down, over and over. Pretty soon she's going to figure out that she can push off from that position. Unlike last time [1], I decided to cut out all the flirting with the camera and just show you the behavior in question.

As you can see, she doesn't really get up into a crawling position, yet. But she's on her way. She also scoots around the floor (only backwards—she hasn't figured out how to go forward, yet), pivots on her belly, and leans forward from a sitting position to reach toys that are out of her reach (which can eventually lead to a crawling position). Leann feels a slight sense of dread at the possibility of Lillian being motile.


[1] See my post, Yarn.

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