Monday, February 13, 2012


One of the things Leann does in her spare time (what little she has) is crocheting. A few days ago Lillian was sitting nearby and got her hands on some of the yarn. She immediately took a liking to it. So we tried to recreate the encounter for the camera. I was going to edit out the first couple of minutes where she just sticks her tongue out and smiles repeatedly at the camera and ignores the yarn, but she's so cute and funny I ultimately left it in.

I guess part of what makes it so interesting for her is that it's small enough to get into her mouth—which means she can suck on it. A lot of her toys are just too big and eventually she gets frustrated with trying to suck on them. As you can see, she's also figured out that if she has something in her mouth, she doesn't have to hold onto it with her hands. It's particularly funny when she does that with one of her socks. It kind of makes her look like a little puppy.

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