Wednesday, October 26, 2011

An Afternoon Drive

Last Friday, when I got home from school/work, I picked up my girls (wife and daughter) and we went for a drive up Provo Canyon to see the fall leaves. I didn't really plan it this way, but we made two stops: Bridal Veil Falls and Squaw Peak. I'd never been to Bridal Veil Falls and Leann had never been to Squaw Peak (every time she's tried before now the road was still snowed in).

I was under the false belief that Bridal Veil Falls would be right next to the parking lot. To my surprise there was a short trail (which used to be part of the Heber Creeper rail [1]) that led up to the falls—right to the base. Here are some photos I took along the way, including the falls themselves.

On the way back from Bridal Veil Falls, the light of the setting sun was making the autumn leaves in the canyon look brilliant. I turned off onto the Squaw Peak access road to see if I could get some good pictures but ended up driving all the way to the lookout point. We couldn't stay long because Lilli was starting to get fussy.

On the way back down I did stop and take a few pictures. But by the time we got back in view of the canyon it was too dark to take the pictures I originally wanted.


[1] See Veil Falls (Utah).

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  1. Beautiful! I need you to tutor me a little bit in Gimp if I ever see you again. Your pictures always look fantastic!