Monday, October 17, 2011

Movie Review: Secretariat

I can't say that I've ever really gotten into any movie or television series that features a horse as one of the main characters. But most (if not all) of my sisters went through a period in their childhood that can only be described as a "horse crush".[1] Leann felt good about watching this movie since 1. she had a "horse crush" of her own as a child and 2. due to the many horse books she read during her "horse crush", she already knew that Secretariat won the triple crown (i.e. she knew it had a happy ending). The movie is about a race horse, named Secretariat, and the woman who managed him, named Penny Chenery.

My verdict: I appreciated that this movie was low on offensive content. It has a good message (perseverance is an important ingredient to reaching your goals) and a bad message (it's okay to neglect your family if taking care of them stands in the way of reaching your goals). I'm surprised that this didn't ruin the woman's marriage. She really took a toll on her family. And the way she handled the radicalization of her daughter (who became a hippie) was simply negligent. Surprisingly the scene with original footage of Secretariat's run at the Preakness Stakes was almost as moving as the recreated scene at the end of his run at the Belmont Stakes. But even knowing that he won the Belmont Stakes, watching him win it so impressively was still awe-inspiring.


[1] My little sister, Ashley, still has a "horse crush". See here. Tightly linked to this is the "unicorn crush". See here.

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