Monday, October 24, 2011

Social Interaction

In the last week or two Lillian has started interacting with us socially, as they say. All that means is that she's starting to smile, giggle, talk, and stick her tongue out when we stick our tongues out at her. I don't have any videos of her giggling [1], but a few days ago I pulled some childish slapstick on Leann while holding Lilli, who immediately laughed. Now, I'm quite sure that Lilli didn't know what I'd done—the timing of her giggle was simply serendipitous. However, Leann's having a hard time living down the idea that Lilli laughed at what I did. Even though I don't have any videos of Lillian laughing, I do have some videos of Lillian sticking out her tongue and talking.[2]

First, Lillian sticking out her tongue.

And here she is jabbering. Before you know it, she'll be quoting Yoda and reciting π to the Feynman Point.


[1] She's only just starting to figure it out, so it will probably be a while before I catch her on film.

[2] She's easily distracted by the camera, though, so even these videos are hard to get. Many Bothans died…

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