Friday, October 21, 2011

Product Review: Postobón manzana soda

Postobón is a soft drink company based in the South American country of Colombia.[1] I found some of their soft drinks for sale in a South American tienda in Orem, Utah. I went in hoping to find Nestlé Sublime chocolate bars (which I did [2]), which my Dad grew fond of while he was serving an LDS mission [3] in Peru. The store was small and I was about to leave because I hadn't spotted the Sublime bars, yet. I felt bad leaving without buying something, so I grabbed a can of manzana-flavored (apple-flavored) soda. At the register I finally spotted the Sublime bars but by then I was committed to try the Postobón soda.

My verdict: The soda definitely tastes like apple, but has a moderate taste of cherry, too, which I wasn't so fond of. I don't have anything against cherry-flavored drinks. I just wanted my apple-flavored drink to taste like apple, not cherry. Other than that it was an okay drink. The carbonation was adequate and not bothersome.


[1] Seeón.

[2] I gave them to my Dad and that tienda was permanently closed the next time I went to it. So a review of Sublime chocolate bars is postponed indefinitely.

[3] For those who are unsure why Latter-day Saints (Mormons) go on missions, I recommend you visit here and here, where you can learn more about LDS beliefs concerning sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ. If you have more questions, ask and maybe I'll do a full post on the topic.

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