Monday, December 19, 2011


For about a month now [1] Lillian has been trying to figure out this weird ritual that takes place half an hour to an hour after I get home from work. I hold her while Leann goes in the kitchen and makes lots of noise. Then we stick her in her rocker, turn off the dining room light [2], and sit down at the table. (Sometimes she insists on sitting on my lap instead of sitting in her rocker.) Then Leann and I close our eyes while one of us talks.[3] If all that isn't weird enough, then we start putting stuff in our mouths and moving our chins up and down. But if Mommy and Daddy do it, it must be important. So Lilli tries to do it, too.

In this video we're not actually eating dinner. I'm just holding her in the living room and eating an apple or some carrots or something (sorry about the noisy chewing [4]). She still decided to mimic me. Watch for a cameo by Mr. Chickenpox (varicella zoster).


[1] We noticed this before Thanksgiving, at least.

[2] It's really bright and she stares at it, so we turn it off.

[3] i.e. saying a blessing over the food.

[4] I have to wonder, though: would you have noticed the noisy chewing if I hadn't pointed it out by apologizing for it?

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