Friday, December 2, 2011

Product Review: Marinela Submarinos (Fresa)

The name Submarinos, which means "submarines" in Spanish [1], doesn't really reveal anything about the nature of the snack that you're buying. But, then, neither does the name "Twinkie", which has no meaning at all. And that's all these really are—a Mexican knockoff of the Twinkie.

My verdict: You can probably guess that this tastes exactly like a Twinkie, except with a strawberry filling. The texture is the same, it's just as dry—it even has the three holes in the bottom where they squirt in the filling. If you like Twinkies, then there's a good chance you'll like these. You just have to go into a Mexican tienda to buy them.


[1] The Spanish language is less versatile than English, so they usually end up borrowing words for technological innovations, e.g. computadora for "computer", televisión for "television", telefono for "telephone", internet for "internet", bicicleta for "bicycle", elevador for "elevator", etc.

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