Monday, December 12, 2011

Growling, Grabbing, and Gnats

Earlier this month I was playing with Lillian and noticed something black in her mouth. I fished it out. What was it? A fungus gnat. Leann and I were quite astonished. These little buggers are hard to catch. We chase them all over the house trying to kill them. How did she get one in her mouth? And even more pressing: did I get lucky and spot the first or does she have a long and hidden history of eating minute dipterans? [1]

Lilli recently figured out how to growl in the back of her throat.[2] She's quite taken with this new sound. She makes us go hoarse imitating her.

She's also started yelling. I guess she just likes the sound of her voice.

And she's started blowing spit bubbles.

A handout that the Welcome Baby nurse gave us said to watch for her to 1. start noticing and watching her hands, 2. start batting at objects dangled in front of her, and then 3. start grabbing objects. Well, she kind of skipped the first two steps (or I just never noticed them) because she just one day started reaching for things and carefully grabbing them. Now she's quite good at it.

Even though she can grab things, though, she hasn't quite figured out how to hang on them for very long.


[1] I'm sure few to none of you are surprised that my offspring is an insectivore.

[2] Perhaps the linguists can tell me whether that constitutes a uvular trill, /Ê€/?

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