Friday, December 2, 2011

Product Review: El Sabroso Spicy Salsa Salsitas

I first saw these in a vending machine at Brent Brown Toyota while waiting for them to put together the papers I needed to sign so they'd sell me our new car.[1] It was taking longer than I expected, and I hadn't eaten dinner, yet, so I considered what the vending machine had to offer. These chips were the only thing that looked remotely appetizing. When I went back to the dealership to pick up the license plates, I went back to the vending machine, but these were no longer stocked. Worse, when I visited El Sabroso's website [2], they didn't even list this flavor as one of their products. However, I recently found a regular-sized bag at a little grocery store that

My verdict: These chips really do taste like salsa. That is, they really capture the flavor of salsa, but they're hardly spicy at all. Even without the spiciness of chile peppers, the flavor of these chips is still pretty intense. Leann was pretty enthusiastic about these chips because they're one of the few chips we've been able to find that don't have dairy in the ingredients. I liked them pretty well, too.


[1] See my post Out of the Old and Into the New II.

[2] See

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