Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Last week I started teaching Lillian to say la by getting her to stick out her tongue and then talk without retracting it. She's tried to do it, but to little success. In the process, however, she figured out how to blow raspberries.[1] Even more surprising, though, is that I managed to get it on video within minutes of her figuring it out.

Of course, my first few attempts at taking the video were thwarted by Lillian getting distracted by the camera. But eventually I coaxed a performance out of her. Unfortunately between drooling, blowing spit bubbles [2], and now raspberries, she's got a yeast rash under her chin that we have to treat.


[1] IPA: /r̼̊/. This unusual name actually comes from Cockney rhyming slang ("raspberry tart" rhymes with the word for the sound this is meant to imitate). See a raspberry.

[2] See my post Growling, Grabbing, and Gnats.

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