Monday, December 26, 2011


One morning, last week, when Lillian woke up a little early, I got up and played with her so Leann could go back to sleep after feeding her. While I was holding her, I decided to eat some pumpkin bread that our neighbors gave us for Christmas. At one point I looked down and saw that Lilli was grabbing both of her ears [1], which she's never done before. It must be life-altering the day you discover you have strange growths on both sides of your head (and that that's what your parents have been nibbling on all this time).

This video isn't framed very well because I was trying to shoot the video with her looking the same direction as me (so I couldn't look at the camera view screen to see how the shot looked).

This video, taken a few minutes later, is framed better, but the ear grabbing isn't quite as good.


[1] Technically the outer part of the ear is called a pinna or an auricle, but no one bothers being that specific.

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