Thursday, November 3, 2011

Product Review: La Michoacana Eskimal de Fresa Popsicle

By deduction I've determined that the word esquimal (stylized here as eskimal), besides meaning "Eskimo", means "covered in chocolate". Or, at least it does when referring to popsicles. This is probably derived from the Nestlé Eskimo Pie [1], which is a vanilla-flavored popsicle covered in chocolate. This particular popsicle is a strawberry (fresa) ice cream bar covered in chocolate.

My verdict: The chocolate coating stayed on better than most other chocolate-covered ice cream bars I've had. The ice cream was nice and smooth and had little chunks of strawberry in them, which added to the flavor. I would eat one of these again…if it weren't for mamey.[2]


[1] See Pie.

[2] See my review here.

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