Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Lillian's First Hallowe'en

Since we live in an area that's mostly inhabited by college students, there aren't that many trick-or-treaters to begin with. That coupled with the growing popularity of 'trunk-or-treats' [1] meant that we had two trick-or-treaters show up at our door—and they were actually delivering treats to us! One was a friend of Leann's (who came as Justin Bieber) and the other was a neighbor in the same apartment complex as us. Since she's not old enough to eat candy, and she can't go to parties, Lillian was skeptical about the whole holiday. But she decided to give costumes a try.

She tried on a Hallowe'en jumper her Great-Grandma Mecham gave her.[2]

She tried out being a prisoner from the Old West.[3] In the second photo she's been captured and incarcerated by Marshal Woolly Bill Hitchcock.

She tried out being an undead something (probably a mummy rather than a zombie or a lich since she's all wrapped up in a blanket).

And she tried out being a red-eyed ghost.

Leann and I carved jack-o'-lanterns.[4] Leann gathered together materials acquired during Lillian's hospital stay [5] and made herself a nurse costume. My costume was pretty lame—I wore an orange shirt.

To top it all off we watched the Mystery Science Theater 3000 version of Pod People.[6]


[1] To learn a scary fact about trunk-or-treats (and a few other little-known facts), see my previous post about Hallowe'en.

[2] Unfortunately this was her least favorite outfit since when she wore it last week we took her to the BYU health center. They drew blood from her heel to test her blood iron and white blood cell counts. And yesterday we took her to the county health clinic for her 4 month shots—again wearing this jumper. So it's associated with some bad memories (needles).

[3] This has nothing to do with her last name. See my post What's in a Name?

[4] What do you think mine is? HAL 9000? 343 Guilty Spark? A Personality Sphere?

[5] To learn more, start here.

[6] Read my review here.


  1. Isn't Woolly Bill Hitchcock on the Apple Dumpling Gang Rides Again. His little "BeCAUSE the Apple Dumpling Gang returned some money..." speech still gets recited every so often at family gatherings, although we usually quote it wrong.