Monday, November 28, 2011

Rolling, Grasping, and Giggling

Lilli has been rolling front-to-back and giggling for weeks, now. But catching it on film has proven surprisingly difficult. As soon as the camera comes out, she stops performing. She seems to have an uncanny knack for knowing when to play coy. In fact, she seems to tolerate tummy time for a lot longer if there's a camera turned on.

Because she was born premature [1], we were contacted by a Utah Valley program, called "Welcome Baby".[2] Once a month a nurse comes to monitor Lilli's progress. The nurse gave us some pictures to put in front of Lilli during tummy time, left to right: a dog (whose eyes are essentially indistinguishable from its spots), a man (who has no mouth [3]), a woman (who bears a strong resemblance to the people my mom would draw for us when we were kids), and a sun with a face. Having faces to look at helps her tolerate tummy time a little longer.

We've found one other way to get her to tolerate tummy time, which seems to work best of all

Related to the program in that last video, Lilli has just a few long hairs, one of which is on the top of her head. So we've taken to calling her Lilli Lou Who, the Cutest Who in Whoville. (Taking pictures of single hairs is beyond the capability of our camera, but you can just make it out to the right of the reflection of the flash on the television.)

After weeks of failed attempts, Leann finally managed to capture a video of Lillian rolling front-to-back. But it's been so long that now she's starting to try to roll back-to-front.[4]

When she's not on her tummy, Lilli has been figuring out how to reach out and grab toys placed nearby. She particularly likes this plush amoeba that my sister gave me for my birthday. Its many pseudopods are perfect for little hands to grab (she also likes sticking them in her mouth).

Lilli's Grandma Crook came a few times over the last month to help Leann sew a dust ruffle for Lillian's crib.

And finally, Lilli giggling. There is also a string of failed attempts in the wake of this video. Every time we tried to film her she stopped laughing to stare at the camera.


[1] See my post Unexpected Delivery.

[2] See

[3] Some mothers are a little freaked out by his lack of a mouth, so they draw one for him. We haven't worried about it—Lillian needs to be prepared in case she's ever visited by extraterrestrials that have no mouths.

[4] She still needs a little help to actually do it, so no videos yet. That'll probably take another few weeks or so.


  1. This is awesome!! I feel like I am in space :)

  2. Cute. :-)

    Why does it not have a mouth?

  3. You mean the amoeba? It's because amoebas eat by engulfing their food through their cell membrane—no mouths!