Thursday, November 3, 2011

Product Review: La Michoacana Mamey Popsicle

I only tried the fruit called mamey (or sometimes mamey sapote) once while I was in México.[1] And that time didn't go very well. My companion wanted to make a mamey smoothie. Unfortunately the mamey that we bought was still unripe. So it was flavorless and didn't blend into a smoothie—the blender just chopped it into slivers. So I never really got to know the taste of mamey while I was down there. That makes my current fondness for them all the more puzzling. I first spotted these paletas (Spanish for "fruit bars" or "ice cream bars") a little over a year ago at one of the stands at Provo's Fourth of July Freedom Festival. I bought one and shared it with Leann. Now we can't stop (except during the winter when the Mexican tiendas stop stocking them).

My verdict: These are easily the best popsicles I've ever had. They're creamy and smooth. Some describe the flavor of the mamey as being similar to pumpkin or sweet potato.[2] I suppose I can see where they're coming from. But it's so much better than either of those flavors. And the little chunks of mamey flesh embedded in the popsicle only make it that much better.


[1] For those who are unsure why Latter-day Saints (Mormons) go on missions, I recommend you visit here and here, where you can learn more about LDS beliefs concerning sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ. If you have more questions, ask and maybe I'll do a full post on the topic.

[2] See sapote.

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Mamey fruit is by Alejandro Mejía Greene (·júbilo·haku·), available at

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